if you don't want to die a slave (kristen noting on her last note)

2008.08.20 - 9:36 AM

I will say it again----wherever you are, there is a place to assert Life. Pray, dance, sing, plaster signs and paintings in surprising places, dress up as animals, wear war paint, have an authentic conversation, set up a tent, sit in meditation in the lobby beside the ATM, bring some rocks or seashells or cedar branches into a store and leave them there; in whatever way you are inspired, take a stand for Life. It can be short and simple; it can be long and complicated; it can be in the spirit of the flowery hippy ("all there is is love") or in the spirit of the angry punk ("the only thing is to smash the state") or in the spirit of the inspired monk ("the is is"). Use whatever materials are on hand. There is no moment that is not a suitable time, no place that is not a suitable canvas, stage, dojo, circus ring, temple.

I went to the Rainbow Gathering and it was beautiful; I had expected it to be annoying and found it to be quite the opposite---and example of what authentic living looks like when it is not held in the vice of the System's myriad forms of control. But as long as our authentic living is relegated to unseen places, the Crown gets to pretend that it is the one in charge----as long as we play our drums only in the woods, as long as we do our yoga practice only behind closed doors, as long as we dance only on delegated dance floors, as long as we set up our tents only far from the marketplace, as long as we hide our songs for fear of persecution; in short, as long as we live as refugees in hiding (and that's what we are, more and more), then the Crown can just roll along. Many of You can only take public visibility in doses--fine. Set up a tent in a City for a night; go into Town and sing one True Song; perform a single kata outside of the Bank, and then retreat to the comfort of the woods as often as you want, but do remember how powerful it is to bring even a single drop of water to the desert. I know you are all doing all of this already, so this is really also just a way of saying thanks for being, and for the courage to keep bringing that Being into view.

That's it again, for now,



koburn on 2008.08.27

hey Kristen,

Nice blog I really enjoyed it quite well. I think that other people will enjoy it aswell. Keep up the good work.

Trevor C

Homeless Nation Vancouver

iambanned on 2014.05.09

Dying a slave is not going to be fun. They will have to get used to it somehow. - BrandStar Entertainment

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