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2008.08.19 - 11:22 AM

inTENTional community

From: katya lu
Date: Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 10:31 AM

Essentially, to reduce the problem to the "homeless issue" is to skirt the real thing entirely. The real thing is not whether or not a bunch of weakened, downtrodden "victims of the system" get to live in tents in a city park or in ugly, crappy buildings the System celebrates as a "solution." The real thing is whether a bunch of exceedingly strong, uplifted people who love life enough to be willing to die for it (and hence never can become victims, of the system or anything else) can put on a display of what real living looks like in the form of a tent city, thereby showing that the most desirable thing is not to go INSIDE, but to come OUTSIDE. Hence the often repeated phrase--"homelessness is not a problem, it's a solution." The problem is that any signs of authentic life are systematically shut down, with greater and greater frequency, by the Crown and its laws and its constant barrage of death-dealing subliminal messaging.
Not only can a guy not sleep outside for long ANYWHERE (cities and in the wilderness) without being hassled, it is becoming ever more the case that he can't play his drum, get together with his friends, pray to his god , sing his song, celebrate his vision, or make any other set of gestures or noises that don't conform to the interests of the Crown. Essentially, if it can't be either bought or sold, the Crown doesn't want it and has a whole set of visible and invisible modes of shutting it down. The ability for a desperate person to sleep in a park is only one aspect of the ever-more total ban on free expression (free expression=any sings of life that are not involved in the buy/sell equation). This is, of course, not new news. But I guess it is worth re-iterating that the problem is not poverty or homelessness, but that we are not allowed to be "homeless" or "poor" without getting told it's a problem that must be solved by getting incorporated into the corporation of the Crown. The Corporate Body of the Crown is gross, and we don't want to be in-corporated into it---we want OUT, and the extent to which this desire is threatening to the Corporation can not be stated strongly enough.
So--the Tent City thing is not, from the standpoint of this human, an expression of a desire to get favours from the Crown; it is a visible stand that we take as an expression of our desire to remember and have the public remeber that human life is free--i.e. not FOR SALE.
I don't want some crappy apartment building to live in for free, and I can't wish such a fate on any of my brothers and sisters. I want to be able to live very simply in the forest (with trees still in it), next to water I can bathe in and drink, with the ability to find and grow and eat food that feeds me rather than poisons me, in the company of fellow truth-seekers and life-lovers who support each other and the planet they live on. And I would like for people in the future to be able to do the same. It can't happen so long as we are ruled by the Crown whose goal is to sell every last atom of Being at a hefty profit. Hence, the best thing I can think of to do is to assemble with the strongest and wisest people I know and show the City (starting, it seems, with Victoria) what a community based on love and truth looks like. I know, too, that there is a time to break free and "it won't be a moment too soon or a moment too late." So there is no forcing the issue, only the process of patiently watching for the sign that it is time.
I may or may not make it up to Wild Earth--so if not, share my sentiments with the others up there. When the vans return from Wild Earth, filled with all of you warriors AND your tents, it may be just the time NOT to return to your usual dwelling places and your usual ways of life, but rather to assemble in some public place and set up those tents, and thereby make way for others to do the same, and for a long time to come. The Tent City As Peaceful Warriors Community can happen with the initiative of anyone, and can happen anywhere. It doesn't have to be the brainchild of David Arthur Johnston, it doesn't have to happen in Victoria; it can happen wherever You are--and I do mean YOU. And it can happen today.
And as for Vancouver--it doesn't have to happen in the Downtown Eastside, and its residents don;t have to be "the homeless"; it could happen, perhaps more effectively, in Kitsilano, and its residents could be yogis and raw food addicts.
That's it for now.



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The community is making it right. We should do something that will make us better. - Thaddeus Heffner

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