The Long Wait...

2008.07.17 - 11:55 AM

Happy to report that im 7months now into a new life without drugs and alcohol.with that comes No risky sex,which i was playing russian rullette while indulging.So came the time when i mustard up the courage to get "tested"for any S.T.D's that i may have caught during my sex romp...the freakist thing was of course the test results coming out positive that i had contracted a sexual disease because then i would have to contact all those partners i was with at the time and tell them to go get tested...Being honest can be the scarest feeling in the world i think thats why we mask our honesty with Alcohol and drugs...its just to freaky to be honest..(speaking of Honesty I still use my street name J.Hock...but if you really want to know my true name come ask.)Being honest is a pure raw human value that can liberate oneself.To be honest with oneself is to break the chains of imprisonment..Lies just leads to more Lies and honesty truely sets you free..Now the long wait is over and i got the results back from the clinic and i can honestley say im STD free,clean....Thank-you,what a relief!!!All my relations/J>H.


Miyabi on 2008.07.28

Breathe. Focus. Free

Happy for you, jhock. :D Truly.

eimeeshanei on 2014.05.06

The long wait will be over in no time. I guess that is supposed to be what we all should be doing now. - Reputation Advocate

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