save Insight...

2008.05.06 - 12:44 PM

Very powerful rally/memorial for the protection of keeping Insight open for the drug user's...Insight has saved many lives with prevented overdoes's and the message is loud and clear that this program is working...A prayer was sent out to the Gov.politicans to have heart and do the right thing..Amazing Grace was sung..very fitting for the powers that be to see thier evil ways and change that to a positive action.. I do have Faith,I cant measure or see the Holy Spirit but that doesn't mean its not at work...Blessings...JH

a pray out to all those that are hurting..
a pray for all to have access to clean water,housing,clothing all human rights !!!

a pray to the healing of the Earth our one and only home..Love is the only cause...


prencessRed on 2014.04.22

The insight is going to be great. Indeed, that will be something worth noticing in there. - Lindsay Rosenwald

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